All of a sudden your phone rings and you are invited to a fabulous dinner party. Instantly you look at your hands and you grin.

The interview for your dream job moved a day earlier and your polish is monkey chipped. 

You are about to leave for the avant premiere of your favourite play and you want to wear your sexy LBD. It only matches with the perfect pair of sandals you bought yesterday but your toes are not quite ready for them.

Its friday and your last email is an invite to a romantic getaway. You only have one hour.

Nailed team is coming to south beach! Let us indulge you to a bright new world of pampering. Yummylicious hands and feet seven days a week at the tip of your fingers. With an unlimited array of colours and exquisite services tailored to your needs we are here to light up your everyday.

 Come and let us show you how to nail it!